Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to your big day or special event, we understand that every detail matters. At Christopher's Restaurant, we have designed a system that ensures that we provide the highest quality of service at every event. As your caterer, we work hard to get everything right.

Below are answers to some questions you may have about working with us:

How do we handle last minute requests?

We understand that sometimes unexpected situations arise. Maybe guests show up that you didn't expect or something you ordered from someone else never arrives. We will have staff on hand to assist you with these unexpected situations, and we will discuss anything that may be requested at the last minute during our meetings together.

Will someone from your staff be on hand during the event?

Of course! Our staff will be on premise during the entire event. From when the guests first arrive until the last guest leaves, we will be there.

Can I take a tour of your of your facility including the kitchen?

Yes! We would love to show you around! Call us today to discuss meeting for a look around our banquet hall. We make sure our kitchen is always kept up to date on the latest health codes. Should your event be hosted at a separate location, you will need to contact them for a tour of their facility.

Will I be given a written proposal for my event?

Yes. After we have taken the time to discuss all of your needs for your event and have nailed down your menu, we will send you a final proposal outlining your food selections, and any other service you will be receiving.

Is gratuity/tip included in the service fee?

No, tip is not included in our service fee. The service fee covers things like fuel costs and time for setting things up on your big day. We never want to make our clients feel it is necessary to tip, but our staff is encouraged to go the extra mile for all of our amazing clients. We will accept cash gratuities at the discretion of our clients who want to acknowledge our staff members for their hard work.

Can I request something that may not be on your menu?

As a premier catering company, we strive to always please our clients! Should you want something that is not on our menu, we are always open to discussing making the dish you want.

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For takeout please call us in advance with your order.

Private Rooms

We have private rooms for up to 40 people.
Great for baby showers, birthday parties & more!

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